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Shanghai Tian Di Xing Overview
Entry posted on Aug 31, 2010 by Kingda , tagged Event,Development,Design

Key information:

  • Time: 22th, August, 2010.
  • Address: Building 3, No.300, Guo Ding Dong Road, Yan Pu District, Shanghai City, China
  • Key persons: Kingda Sun Sun, Zhixiang, Nie, Fiona Duan, Kan Huang, Xiaolei Xu, Yanliang Ou, developers.
  • Key words: New Technology of Adobe Flash Platform, Developer Camp, RIA Education, Development and Contributions of 9RIA.com, Social Game Example, Solutions of Flash Communication.
  • Key souvenir:  The 3 anniversary T-shirt of 9RIA.com

The afternoon of 22th, August 2010, Shanghai Tian Di Xing began at the eloquent lecture of Kingda Sun. There are about 100 developers attends this event. The beginning speech introduced the planning of 9RIA.com' development and the contributions 9RIA.com can make for developers.

The speaking was followed by Ping Feng(Zhixiang Nie), who talked a lot about the education of the RIA, the training of flash skills. Than, the shortage of flash talents in China was stressed by Fiona, who comes from Adobe China. I think the two speech above will benefit many people who just begin learning flash.

After Fiona, another member of Adobe China, Yanliang Ou brought us the fashion feast of Adobe Flash Platform technology application. The focus of Ou' speech was on Adobe AIR 2 and Flex 4. Some applications showed in the workshop interested many developers.

After Ou, Xiaolei Xu, who come from one of the biggest Social Game Company in China, Five Minutes, showed us an example of Social Game' develop.

The last technology sharing was made by Hack86(Kan Huang), a senior flash developer. He introduced the solution of flash interactive communication.

In this event, many souvenirs was sent to participants through funny interactive games. I think the meeting always goes with happiness.

Here is the picture:

Kingda Sun


Fiona Duan

Yanliang Ou

Kingda and Xiaolei Xu


A girl



You can get more information from 9RIA.com(Chinese page).

Hongzhou Tian Di Xing Overview
Entry posted on Aug 09, 2010 by Kingda , tagged Rich Internet Apps,News,Event,Development

    Hongzhou Tian Di Xing was successfully held on 31,July. Firstly I should thank everyone who attended this camp. Thank all of you for your support and Enthusiasm. 

    Tian Di Xing has held in Hangzhou last year and maybe held in the follow years. We want to introduce the RIA fashion and technology, especially the Adobe applications to more and more people. And we expect more and more people will join us, join the flash camp, join the Adode camp.

    This time, there are five experts making the speech including me.  At the beginning, I introduced the development plan of 9RIA.com Tiandihui(www.9ria.com) and what the developer can get from 9RIA.com Tiandihui. I still stress that 9RIA.com Tiandihui will be committed to providing developers and enterprise the most optimized solutions of the font-end RIA, particularly the Adobe flash/flex technology.

    The first lecturer Ouyanliang, the education and community manager of Adobe China, introduced the Adobe AIR 2 and Flex 4. Than, the speech was followed by Renjun, who comes from TaoBao Open Platform, brought us the business opportunities from TaoBao Open Platform.

    The last two speech was focus on technology. Senior developer Zhuwenxuan and Huangkan introduced the AlertUtil application in a large flex project and the interactive communication based on Flash client server. You can get their speech pdf from http://bbs.9ria.com/thread-60299-1-1.html

Some pictures of Hangzhou Tian Di Xing.

 Heiyu(The founder of 9RIA.com)   

The developers



who got the gifts



who give a question

mm got the books

the gift

You can get more information from 9ria.com

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