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AFPS 2010 Announcement Blog Post
Entry posted on Jul 02, 2010 by Nathan5x

Adobe Flash Platform Summit 2010 - Announcement Blog Post - http://bit.ly/bJ4YYk  have a look  and share your thoughts.. :)

Need Help 2
Entry posted on May 30, 2010 by harish@vit

Hi all...i am new to this group and i preparing for adobe flex certification exam... Can anyone tell me how to prepare and what topics to cover...?Eagerly waiting for your reply.....

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CFUG Meeting August snaps
Bookmark posted on Sep 03, 2009 by Prabhakaran_v

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CFUG Meeting - Hari Presenting his application
Photo posted on Sep 03, 2009 by Prabhakaran_v

<p>CFUG organized for a contest to give away free flex certification vouchers. 3 people participated in the contest.</p>
<p>This is Hari, showcasing his application "Nexaray"</p>

CFUG Meeting
Photo posted on Sep 03, 2009 by Prabhakaran_v

<p>Code view in Flex Builder</p>

CFUG Meeting - Welcome Speech
Photo posted on Sep 03, 2009 by Prabhakaran_v

<p>First few minutes of the meeting. Welcome speech by me(Karan)</p>