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Video on Photoshop CS6 at Malayan Colleges
Entry posted on Oct 16, 2012 by reymendoza8 , tagged Video,News,Interactive Experience,Event,Development,Design

AUGPhil was at malayan Colleges on october 16 for their CIT week , a weeklong celebration of their CS department.

for photos please head on our fb page -

CS6 Launch in Manila
Entry posted on Jul 26, 2012 by reymendoza8 , tagged Design,Development,Event,Mobile,News,Video

Adobe CS 6 was formally launched here in Shangrila Makati today. 

Adobe Users Group Philippines was also there, provided a booth by Jennifer Leong, from Adobe Singapore. Speakers were Nelson John andFelix Go. We also met Sarah Choe, Business Development Manager of Southeast Asia.

Adobe Users Group Philippines ( raffled off one CS6 license worth $2000 dollars

Seemore of the photos at our Facebook page -

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I'm working as a graphic artist in an IT Retailer Company and this is one of my job, to make some layouts, fliers and news ad. Tis is one of my latest layout.