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Retiring the Group site
Entry posted on Jun 03, 2015 by reynaldo mendoza , tagged Design,Development,Event,Interactive Experience,Mobile,News,Print,Rich Internet Apps,Video

Adobe is retiring this group site, If you are a member here, please sign up at

We are also at -we regularly post our news there also and schedule of meetings

Thank You

Rey Mendoza,Jr

Adobe Muse at Perpetual Help College las Pinas
Entry posted on Feb 12, 2015 by reynaldo mendoza , tagged Design,Development,Event,Interactive Experience,Mobile,News,Rich Internet Apps

Demo and intro of Adobe Muse at the Perpetual Help College Las Pinas

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Samsung IT Store Opening News Ad
Photo posted on Jan 18, 2012 by gapnod

I'm working as a graphic artist in an IT Retailer Company and this is one of my job, to make some layouts, fliers and news ad. Tis is one of my latest layout.