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Problems with flex Chart

Thread posted 03/30/11 by VidhyaHere
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Problems with flex Chart


A very good mornign to all flex developers..

Iam building an RIA application using flex charts. Its a real time plotting chart and it has to update on every second.

When I profiled the application, it is found that the Cumulative instances of ARLabelData and MethodClosure objects are increasing.

Iam using FlesSDK3.3.

Please help me to reduce this. Thank you for reading my post.


posted 11/04/11 by Rajesh Flex Developer | Report Abuse

Hi, Can you explain How to get the data to the flex chart ( xml, web service etc ). and you can use a math.random class and update value in a particular interval to solve the issue

posted 11/04/11 by Rajesh Flex Developer | Report Abuse

<mx:Script> [Bindable]public var sampleName:String = "sample.aspxl?r=" + Math.round(Math.random()*10000); </mx:Script>

<mx:HTTPService id="sampleName" resultFormat="object" url="{sampleName}" />