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DCO Labs

Entry posted 04/15/11 by Mike Murtha last edited 04/15/11
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DCO Labs


For those looking to try out some additional clients and capabilities with DCO, check out DCO Labs on Intelink's Intellipedia: https://www.intelink.gov/wiki/DCO_Labs  This is a resource where we place things that may be of interest to power users but they aren't officially part of the DCO support channels or contract, or are in pre-release status.

Currently there is information on using the Blackberry XMPP chat client (a secure one!), the iOS & Android Connect apps, and the Jabber Outlook plugin.  Future topics we are considering posting there are the Connect plugin for Microsoft Office Communicator and access to Connect 8 SP1 test accounts so you'll be ahead of the game when DCO Connect upgrades in the future.

Also if there is a client you think would have mission utility, let us know and if solution exists we'll post it!