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as3xls - Opensource library to read/write Excel files using Adobe Flex

Entry posted 04/21/11 by Arunava Basak last edited 04/21/11 , tagged: Rich Internet Apps, Development
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as3xls - Opensource library to read/write Excel files using Adobe Flex


In multiple Flex based RIA, it is necessary to import/export data in Excel format. Normally, this involves the use of a server side script. However, it is not not always possible and/or feasible to go for a client/server architecture to implement the same.

In such case, "as3xls" can be used as a client side library to import/export data in the form of Excel files. There is no further requirement of...



...any server side script.

"as3xls" is an excellent opensource package to read and write Excel files in Flex and can be used in scenarios where server-side script cannot be used.  It support the use of text, number formula and dates (in read mode) and tex, number and date (in write mode) from Excel version 2.x - 2003.

The package is hosted at google code and can be downloaded via the following link:


The home page link is :

The author can be contacted at : Sigfrid3141@gmail.com

There is also a tutorial showing the usage details:

The related documentation can be accessed from :

However, be warned, in case you are going to use OpenOffice to view the Excel content. In this case, the data will come as junk characters.

From Flash player version 10 onwards, you can locally save a copy in Excel format using "as3xls". However, in case you intend to use it with lower version of Flash player, then a server side script is required for file saving purpose.

There is a good cookbook entry to demonstrate the usage of the library at:

Happy coding using "as3xls".

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