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Adobe User Groups Program -- Getting Started + What's Expected

What is an Adobe User Group?

An Adobe User Group is a gathering of individuals who come together on a regular basis to share their knowledge, information and expertise with each other about Adobe products and technology. The goal of an Adobe User Group is to build community, allowing members the opportunity to network, collaborate, master new skills, and learn from peers in a stimulating and fun environment.

What’s involved in running an Adobe User Group?

Running a successful Adobe User Group is both challenging and rewarding, but it is not for everyone. Adobe User Group Managers are all volunteers, meaning they are not employees of Adobe. They run their local user group for the sake of their members and for greater good of learning and fellowship.

Adobe User Group Requirements

• All groups must align to Adobe’s mission of changing the world through digital experiences

• Hold regular meetings, physical or virtual, with a guideline of 8 times per year

• Maintain a public current calendar of the User Group’s activities

• Display the official Adobe User Group badge on their online presence

• Foster community amongst the members

• Have an official User Group Manager recognized by Adobe

Adobe User Group Support

• Promote the Adobe User Group on Adobe’s Community presence

• Provide one 12ÔÇÉmonth Creative Cloud membership every 6 months as a raffle prize draw (redeemable January to June and July to December). In countries where Creative Cloud is not available, an alternate product may be substituted.

• Provide a Community Adobe MAX discount

• Subject to availability, provide Adobe product discounts to members

• Funding or promotional items (known as SWAG) from Adobe is not guaranteed and will be allocated on a case-by-case basis. User Groups are encouraged to be self-sufficient due to the high volume of User Groups worldwide.

Start a Group

Adobe recommends that Adobe User Groups in a regional or metropolitan area work together and be mutually supporting of each other so make sure to check the listings of user groups or check this map to see if a similar user group already exists and/or contact the local Adobe User Group Manager in the area you wish to start a group in. If you don't see a group with the right focus listed in your area and are interested in starting one, then fill out the User Group Application. Adobe will review, respond, and request more information, if necessary. There is limited staff available to review these requests, but we try to review them within 14-21 business days.

NOTE: Due to embargos currently in place by the United States government, we can not support communities located in Iran, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Cuba or North Korea.

Adobe Groups Processes/Steps for Onboarding New Adobe User Groups (what to expect, and what's expected):

When starting a new user group, the prospective User Group Manager should be ready to tell Adobe:

  • Where the meetings will be held, have you secured a venue? (might want to do this before applying for a user group)
  • Who is going to come to the meetings? (Who is the User Group Manager going to recruit from to come to the meetings, a User Group is more than just yourself)
  • What is the topic focus of the User Group? (too narrow, may not attract enough members, to broad, failure to achieve regular attendance from active membership)

If you would like to start an Adobe User Group, fill out the application here.