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Name Akbarsait
Email akbarsaitn.cfmx@gmail.com
Twitter Akbarsait
Website Akbarsait.com
About Me ColdFusion Enthusiast, Web Developer and Consultant, Travel, Technology, Android, Xbox, Movies and Music Fan boy.Web Technologist and Senior Consultant with a strong knowledge on improving web application performance and solving application problems by providing workable and valuable solutions. Expertise in developing / maintaining projects, improving productivity by coaching team members, adherence to process and compliance to deliver project with quality and customer satisfaction. Specialties:• Team management / development / coaching and mentoring team members. • Customers / Client / Vendors relationship management. • Scrum Master and Scrum Project Management. • Web application development, optimization and performance improvements. • Configuration Management and Continuous Integration through ANT and Jenkins.• Application development and Maintenance • Function Point Analysis, WBS and Complexity based estimation.
Languages Spoken Tamil, English, Hindi
Position Consultant
My Products AIR, ColdFusion, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flex, Flex Builder, Open Source, RIA - Rich Internet Applications, Spry, Web Design


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