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Name João Saleiro
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Website Webfuel Solutions
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About Me As the CTO at Webfuel, I am responsible for business requirement analysis, solution architecture, technology research, team and project management and software engineering. During the project's life cycle I am the connecting point between:● client needs (functional analysis, user research, detecting needs);● the approach (planning, UCPD, Agile methodologies, SCRUM, continuous integration, iterative approaches, ROI based decisions, risk management, SCM, roadmap management)● the system architecture (modularization, layering, SOA, assuring maintainability, loosely coupled approaches) ● the development team (communication, delegating responsabilities, teaching, helping developers, connecting different teams, solving problems);● the user interface team (wireframing, prototyping, user experience and usability decisions, user interface scalability)● development and software engineering (dependency injection approaches, design patterns, code quality management, frameworks - Swiz, AngularJS, KnockoutJS, Mate, PureMVC, Cairngorm, Spring, Hibernate -, build management - Maven, Ant)● the technologies (HTML(5)+JS+CSS, Apache Flex, Adobe AIR, JAVA, PHP, MySQL, many others)See more info at http://www.webfuel.ptI'm experienced in creating new software products targeting computers (web or desktop applications) and mobile (apps), using HTML(5)+JS and/or Apache Flex, connecting via RPC or REST to JAVA and PHP backends.I have worked for several industries - mostly Finance and IT. I was responsible for:● personal finance management applications● team&project management platforms● a FOREX trading platform running on the browser● finance simulators (mortgage, retirement, insurance)● an events portal with geo-location featuresI am a certified instructor (teaching mostly enterprise RIA development), an Adobe Community Professional and an Adobe Certified Expert (Flex with Air).
Languages Spoken Portuguese, English, and understands some Spanish and French
Company Webfuel
Position CTO
Company Site Webfuel Solutions
My Products ActionScript, AfterEffects, AIR, Blaze DS, Creative Suite, Fireworks, Flash, Flash Player, Flex, Flex Builder, Open Source, Photoshop, RIA - Rich Internet Applications
Interests Ubiquity, User experience and usability, Software Engineering, Project Management


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