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Name Mark Mandel
About Me Mark Mandel is a full time consultant and lead developer on several open source projects, most notably ColdSpring, JavaLoader, Transfer ORM and ColdDoc and has been has been working with ColdFusion for a number of years, including at his very own dot com back in the late 90's.Mark can often be found blogging at, which has housed his thoughts on ColdFusion, Java and various aspects of software development for several years. He can also be found as a regular poster on ColdFusion mailing lists, causing havoc in the #coldfusion channel on Dalnet irc network and podcasting on he's not too busy writing open source software and consulting he enjoys spending his extra time training martial arts in a wide variety of disciplines and reading way too much fantasy literature.
Company Compound Theory
Position Owner
Interests Developing interesting software, training martial arts, and hanging out with friends and family.


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