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Name Christian Baptiste
About Me Recognized as one of the top interaction and interface designers, my portfolio includes some of the largest Internet and software companies around the world. I have built applications, web sites, multimedia, eMarketing and print material, for companies like IBM, Target, Walmart, Home Depot Ahold, Best Buy, Roxio, Sonic, Siebel, AOL, Dell, Toshiba, Curious Labs, SearchForce, Zip|Send, SKYY Vodka, E-Greetings, American Greetings, Online Instructional Videos, Match, Matchmaker, Community Connect, Odigo, and many more. Fireworks is my primary tool of choice. I often do presentation showing how amazing a tool it is. I have created many commands, styles, textures, patterns and as well I have shared many symbol assets. I have create tutorials to help others take advantage of being able to extend Fireworks. I am a huge proponent for many of the Adobe tools. I have designed 20 plus consumer facing and enterprise Flex based applications. In my free time I am an amateur photographer. I use Lightroom, Photoshop and Bridge for my organization, and image manipulation. I can be found on several forum and on twitter offering advice, and resources for Fireworks users. I also give several presentations each year to various Adobe and Interaction Design user groups.
Languages Spoken English, Spanish
Company IBM
Position Lead Interaction Designer
Interests I am constantly intrigued by watching people interact with software, hardware, physical objects, etc. Likewise I study everything and often critique the interactions. More so I have this obsessive desire to make things easier to use. As an interaction designer I am constantly striving to make our software easy, intuitive, efficient, and most important productive for our users.I love what I do.


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