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kevin_stagg's Profile

Name Kevin Stagg
Position eLearning Specialist


Last online 02/02/13


kevin_stagg is a member of the following Groups:

Adobe Captivate/eLearning User Group

Group - Virtual 246 Members

Adobe Community Professionals

Private Group 434 Members

Adobe Mobile and Devices Usergroup UK

Group - Europe 137 Members

Boston Adobe Mobile and Device User Group

Group - Virtual 58 Members

Captivate & Learning Australia

Group - Pacific 54 Members

Community Managers

Private Group 1146 Members

Group - North America 428 Members

Dallas/Fort Worth Adobe User Group

Group - North America 65 Members

Fireworks Users

Group - Virtual 178 Members

Flash Catalyst Users

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Flash Dallas

Group - North America 73 Members

Frontend Designers and Masters

Group - North America 133 Members

MAX 2008

Event Group 1184 Members

Twin Cities eLearning User Group

Group - North America 16 Members