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Name Arul Kumaran
About Me Arul Kumaran is a confident, self-motivated person with an R&D nature.Even though he studied chemical technology, a spark ignited by his principal pulled him into computers. A gift (80286 IBM-PC) from his father allowed him to further explore this technology. He started his multimedia career as a 3D animator and completed a couple of animation projects for film and video. He then found that his programming expertise was very much unused, so he switched his line of work to interactive multimedia, which makes use of both his creativity and programming knowledge.He loves developing web and multimedia content. Macromedia Director was his primary multimedia authoring tool at first, and he totally ignored Macromedia Flash until it became more powerful than a vector animation tool with ActionScripting (Flash 4). His strength lies in object-oriented programming and GUI design.He likes teaching. He has a blog to share his knowledge with others. Now he focuses mainly on Rich Internet Application development using Adobe Flex, Flash and related technologies.
Languages Spoken Tamil, Kannadam, English
Company Luracast
Position CTO


Last online 12/22/11


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