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Name donna baker
Company baker communications
Position owner
Interests <p>I am a designer of things. Graphic designer for many years, interior designer for even more years. I am an artist working in glass, mosaic, concrete, metal, and light. My goal is to finish enough pieces for a real show at the end of next summer.  I enjoy the experience of thinking with both sides of my brain.</p><p>I've written a couple of dozen books. My life plan included writing a book, so I think I can check that one off the list!I intend to progressively work more online. At the moment, I write for, as well as my blog. [With apologies to my fans - and you both know who you are! - my blog has suffered of late due to a freakish writing schedule]. I've got my first video training in production for release in the near future; and am wrapping up an online course that goes live in January. Both training items are on InDesign.</p><p>I'm somewhat of an Adobe product mensch. I am simply fascinated by Acrobat and everything hidden within. I used to be somewhat of a Photoshop fanatic, but the last year or so, I've been in the Illustrator groove.</p><p>So that's me.</p><p>I live in central Canada, eh, on a beautiful lake. Married, one daughter, two houuuund dogs.</p>


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