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Name Kai Koenig
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About Me Kai is a German Software Solutions Architect living in Wellington, New Zealand and is specialized in Adobe’s enterprise and rich client technologies ColdFusion, Flex, Flash, AIR, Connect and LiveCycle. Another focus is on the integration of the latter with 3rd party platforms such as Java and .NET. He spends most of his work time contributing to projects of various clients and sizes, fulfilling the role of an architect, senior developer, consultant, mentor or instructor.Kai has been working successfully for a lot of international clients, such as Vodafone, Citibank, SIEMENS, AOL Germany, Henkel, Media-Saturn, Air India, India Tourism Board, European Union Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, Pizza Hut New Zealand, New Zealand Rugby Union, FRST,, The Hearing House etc.He’s regularly invited to present at technical conferences, enjoying to share knowledge and experience. Besides that Kai contributes to various IT print and online magazines such as i’X, Internet Professionell, Java Magazin, Visual X, Create Or Die, and others.2006 Kai started a company providing professional services (mainly for Adobe technologies), such as consulting, development and training: Ventego Creative LtdShould you have any questions or comments, or if you are looking for an acknowledged expert on ColdFusion, Flex, Flash, AIR, Connect and Livecycle respectively the integration of those platforms with existing complex software solutions, you are welcome to contact him anytime.Kai also has founded the Flash Platform User Group (formerly know as the Flex User Group) New Zealand together with Campbell Anderson in 2007 and now runs the Wellington chapter. Additionally he’s members of Adobe’s Pacific-based Ambassador team and an Adobe Community Professional for ColdFusion in 2010.
Languages Spoken English, German, French, Finnish
Company Ventego Creative Ltd
Position Software Solutions Architect
Company Site Ventego Creative


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