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About Me For ten years I've applied technology for numerous verticals to grow profits, improve productivity, reduce transaction costs and lower operating costs. I share my experiences through 10-12 yearly speaking engagements at conferences worldwide.My clients span multiple industries like Electronic Publishing, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Celebrity Services, and Health Care. I use this diversity to design custom solutions and products that improve business. I run DataCurl.com, a boutique I.T. services practice. We offer several consulting services and measure ourselves on how closely our solutions align with the true needs of our clients.We are also the proud parents of ChallengeWave.com, an innovative way for employees to start and stick with healthier lifestyles. ChallengeWave serves as a tool for organizations to control health care medical experience trend, worker compensation expenses and absenteeism. We can tie in to your current wellness strategy and provide instrumentation on program effectiveness and results.ChallengeWave also provides a way for employers to measure and compare health metrics of their population and provide practical solutions to improve those metrics in the employee-employer partnership.
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