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Name Günter Schenk
About Me Born in 1961, I secured a german university entrance diploma in 1981, with no subsequent study.At the age of 21 I decided to become a freelance musician (guitar, bass, balalaika, banjo, teaching, live gigs & recording sessions from Classical music to Punk;-), but because I got sick of repeating myself over and over I started doing some (according to current standards certainly ugly ;-) private small-scale "static" websites in 1997 and later on also took the chance to realize some website & software localizations for foreign developers, which included Guitar Pro, Audio Compositor and a pretty cool javascript editor developed by a polish chap.From 2000-2003 I served a couple of regional customers (mostly industry, theater and arts) with more serious/demanding websites which by and by were expected to comprise dynamic server-side features of a pretty fascinating kind: PHP & database interaction. At that time Dreamweaver was not affordable to me, so I acquired my skills "the hard way" by coding, reading instructions and manuals, breaking & fixing things and testing my work carefully -- well, even in the light of point-and-click driven PHP code generators I´m still convinced that this is how things should be learnt.From January 2004 - April 2007 one of my customers, a turkish building / real estate company, appointed me as full-time manager of their German customer support and as director of their international advertising department, what all went surprisingly well. In addition to help selling their homes and hanging out at international property exhibitions, my major and rather self-imposed tasks were actually something much cooler: getting paid to develop their multi-lingual websites and a custom-made property database which by and by evolved into a true logistics monster and included all sorts of advanced features such as enquiry tracking and feeding the websites and other internal "intraweb" areas like the distributor area etc. During this period I was fortunate to become a "Team Interakt" member, what turned out to be a great in-depth training and the chance to collaborate with a group of brilliant and truly adorable folks from Bucharest who are now known under the name of Adobe Romania.As proud member of the "Adobe Community Professional" (ACP) team I´m trying my best to help out fellow web designers & developers in the following areas:- by answering questions in various Dreamweaver related Adobe forums- by writing Dreamweaver related tutorialsSince I´m German, my main focus is on supporting the German user community, and interested fellow countrymen will find a growing number of Dreamweaver related tutorials on my own website. In addition to this I´m a regular contributor to the German Adobe Usergroup forums and have become a Forum Moderator in 2011.
Position self employed
Interests What motivates me ? Well, besides money, fame and all related cool things which are still beyond my reach, I absolutely love developing websites and PHP/MySQL based web applications while hoping that my work result turns out to be a benefit to my clients and their site visitors.Besides this, I do enjoy learning and being challenged, and I guess that I´ll still have a long way to go in many areas, what´s definitely a good and healthy prospect :-)


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