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Name Lawrence Cramer
Languages Spoken US English
Company Application Dynamics Inc. |
Position CEO
Interests Activities:Wine Tasting, Wine events, Motorcycling, Blues Guitar, Music, Movies, Fishing, TravelingInterests:eCommerce, Social Media, Web Development, Washington Wine, Wine, Wine Tasting, Wine Events, BBQing, I'm good, no brag, just fact. Motorcycle Touring - 2 up with my wife, Playing the BluesFavorite Music:I have a ridiculously wide range of likes. My IPod looks like it belongs to three or four different people/generations.Favorite TV Shows:House, Survivor, Amazing Race, Castle, Thirsty Traveler! (now canceled... so Sad!) Project Runway (yeah, I know), Heroes, Caprica ( Battlestar Galactica Prequel)Favorite Movies:Avatar, Bottle Shock, A Good Year, Long Way Round, Long Way Down, Groundhog Day, Princess Bride, Arthur, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Star Trek - all of them, and many more... I'm a bit of a movie buff.Favorite Books:Lots of Computer/programming books (yeah, I've got a real geek side), Crush It! as well as a number of other Social Media & marketing books. I usually read to learn more than for entertainment.Favorite Quotations:Crying about how things should be, rather than embracing how things are, doesn't do anybody any good" - From my new favorite book Crush It.


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