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Name Hasan Otuome
About Me I've been involved with Web development for over a decade now. I've learned a lot during that time from development to management, teaching and technical writing. By day, I'm the Chief Software Architect for Almer/Blank, located in sunny Venice, CA. A typical day finds me designing and developing networks, workflows, Flash, Flex, FMS and AIR applications from dawn to dusk. I strive to be an active member of the developer community, participating in user groups covering topics such as Flash, Flex and Drupal. I am the co-manager for the LAFlash Online Users Group where I work with my buddy Tim Harris to share cool information about the Flash platform using the Flash platform. I'm also an Adobe Community Champion and an Adobe Certified Expert and aspire to join the ranks of ACIs if I can ever find any free time. I also co-authored a book entitled, AdvancED Flex Application Development: Building the Rich Media X for Friends of ED. When I'm not immersed in work, I try to to share my knowledge and insight with the community at technophi.com and labs.otuome.com and at any User Group meeting in need of a speaker ;)P E A C EHasan
Languages Spoken English, Spanish
Company Almer/Blank
Position Chief Software Architect
Interests What I Like:User interface designCode reusabilitySmooth workflowsLearning new things


Last online 05/18/12


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