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Name Peter Andreas Molgaard
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About Me Peter has a 16 year track record of developing various kinds of software.Now specialized in architecting and developing Rich Internet Applications based on the Adobe Flex and HTML5 platforms, Peter has been been engaged in RIA development since the ground floor where the technology was still in its inception and from before AJAX got its name. Peter became a Macromedia Flex Influencer during version 1.0 and 1.5 and is currently working with all the cool stuff in Adobe Flex 4.6Peter has experience with outsourcing and offshoring and he is very focused on the specific requirements to communication and process that comes with having a globally distributed development team.Peter won the Adobe MAX Awards in 2008 for his application: MyHome - Your Intelligent Home.
Languages Spoken Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, German, French
Position Software Visionary
My Products ActionScript, AIR, Connect, Creative Suite, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flex, Master Collection, Open Source, RIA - Rich Internet Applications, Web Design
Adobe Expertise I know a lot


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