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Name Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis
Twitter @stefsull
Website W3Conversions
Blog Fleeting Epiphanies
About Me Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis is a prominent front-end developer, corporate trainer, and noted champion of web standards. She recently took a full-time position as VP Interface Architecture for Contatta Inc, a Phoenix-based startup. Author of Mastering CSS with Dreamweaver CS4 and other books,  she's a driving force in WaSP, as their Industry Evangelist to Adobe. A born teacher savvy about both business needs and the web, she's a highly regarded, in-demand trainer of corporate web teams of all sizes; a Web Designer Magazine columnist; and a prolific tutorial writer. She's worked with a dazzling spectrum of organizations from Adobe, RIM, New York Magazine, California State University Fresno,, and Quiznos to Disney's "TRON" and MLB—and for a lively bunch of startups. A vibrant, gregarious speaker at conferences worldwide, she zeroes in on the practical problem-solving that audiences are eager to hear.
Company Contatta
Position VP Interface Architecture
My Products Dreamweaver, Fireworks
Interests I love coding and helping other people learn how to effectively and efficiently create websites.


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