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About Me <p>I've been playing with Flex since 2004, which was derby as well. After four years working with it, speaking, training, writing books and writing at my two professional blogs at igorcosta.org and igorcosta.com/blog. I still believe that Flex will grow more and more.</p><p>Maybe you know me on theses fields. I've enjoy to meet new people and for sure great people out there, that make my network blow up. Thanks for a technology like Flash Player that made that as my professional career.</p>
Company RIACycle LLC
Position CTO
Interests <p>While I'm not working, you will find me playing xbox 360 on-line, hanging out with my beuty wife and racing motor at some location of northeast of Brazil.</p><p>At farm working with my grand-father to make something for goats, cows, like that.</p>
Recent Code You can visit most of my open-source code to public here:http://code.google.com/u/igorcosta/There's a lot code out there and on blog's posts too.


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