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Name Cyril Hanquez
About Me <p>Born in France, I studied Physics at the University before switching to Computer Programming: From writing my first Basic program at the age of ten, to modelizing complex optical system in Pascal without forgetting hours of playing adventure games, I couldn't resist the call of the bits and bytes.</p><p>In 1999, I moved to Belgium and started to learn ColdFusion for a European Institution project. Since that time, I mainly worked on web development involving ColdFusion, Java and Oracle. In the last 3 years, I focused my interest on Rich Internet Applications development with Adobe Flex and AIR. Happily married, proud father of two kids, while not working you can find me as “Fitzchev” playing games (MMO or Wii) or wandering around some popular social networks.</p>
Position ColdFusion/Flash Platform Developer - IS Consultant


Last online 04/04/13


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