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Name Max Dunn
About Me I have been programming since the 1980s, and working with Adobe technologies since the mid 1990s, when I was Director of Software Engineering at Bertelsmann Industry Services. At Bertelsmann I worked on some of the first web sites that managed large-scale document composition back ends, building systems that generated billions of pages of print output. I was an enthusiast of XML when it started, especially XML-based rendition technologies such as SVG and XSL-FO. I wrote a chapter of the XML Handbook with Charles Goldfarbe entitled "WYSIWYG XML Authoring" which remains a current interest.Since 2000, my company Silicon Publishing has focused on automating Adobe technologies for Web and Print publishing. We have worked for the Adobe FrameMaker, InDesign, and Scene7 groups, and have provided numerous solutions to clients based on Adobe publishing technologies. Currently our specialty is Flex-based web-to-print solutions leveraging InDesign Server, XMPie, and/or Scene7 for back end composition. Our Silicon Designer, Silicon Reader, and Silicon Impress products are my current focus.
Company Silicon Publishing
Position President
Interests I'm interested in the trajectory of graphics and information technology. I enjoy seeing technology evolve (especially XML formats like FXG and IDML); I most enjoy getting solutions to work for clients, such as automating output of documents or getting a user interface to work well.


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