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Name Michael Müller-Hillebrand
Website cap-studio.de
Blog cap-studio.de
About Me Michael Müller-Hillebrand has worked in the field of pre-press and documentation since 1988 (starting with a sheet music notation service). Over the years he concentrated on Adobe FrameMaker as the leading documentation tool, particularly for single-source publishing workflows. He also built up a very detailed knowledge of conversions to HTML based on FrameMaker documents, the main use case for single-source publishing. He is a Adobe Certified Expert for FrameMaker.In 1999, Michael began programming and evangelizing FrameScript, the easy-to-use scripting plug-in for FrameMaker.Since FrameMaker 7.0, his focus expanded to include the future of publishing, which will be XML/XSL-based.Since 1993 he is a regular speaker at the tekom/tcworld Conference.
Languages Spoken de, en
Company CAP Studio
Position Owner
My Products Acrobat, FrameMaker, InDesign
Adobe Expertise I know something


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