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About Me Since obtaining my MSIT [], I've worked with several small and large companies in a range of capacities - from creating SCORM-compliant courseware to organizing their eLearning divisions.I have since started my own consulting company, Cape Media [], and spend much of my time working with ICS Learning Group []. Any free time I may have is spent with the family - when the wife/kids can drag me outside. Otherwise, I continue to provide instructional design, multimedia, and training development services to a large pool of companies. Along the way, I've worked with a variety of Adobe tools. Authorware remains my favorite, but Captivate is coming along...As a member of the Adobe Community Professionals since 1998 (Team Macromedia > Adobe Community Experts > ACP), I help users in the Adobe forums and the Authorware Listserve. As an extension of that effort, I maintain the AwareTips support site [] and am slowly working on a similar site for Captivate and eLearning in general.I also develop websites here and there as needed, usually for local community businesses and non-profits.Articles:Instructional Design Stages []Authorware Web Player Delivery []Technologies:Windows/Mac/some Mobile, HTML, light PHP/ASP, JavaScript, Apache/IIS, VPN/AD/networking, web hosting, VoIP, *eLearning*
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