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Name Sean Moore
About Me Sean has been developing web applications since 1998. He’s been passionate about Flash and ActionScript development for over eight years and working with Flex for over three years. He was chosen to be a Flex Developer Community Champion by Adobe for his hard work and dedication to the Flash Platform Community. Sean is a certified Flash developer and also a certified Flex developer. Sean specializes in the development of Adobe AIR applications. He is the creator of the ActionScript Cheatsheets. Sean has provided development and consulting services for 2Advanced, Adobe Consulting and Universal Mind. He’s also worked with many small businesses on Flash, Flex and AIR applications. Sean has written Flex and AIR articles for Adobe, O’Reilly and Flash Magazine. He’s provided technical authoring for Manning Publications, Addison Wesley and O’Reilly. Sean has also given presentations at various user groups on best practices for Flex development.
Position Flex & AIR Developer
Interests Flex, AIR, ActionScript, Flash Builder, OOP, Design Patterns, TDD, Arduino, Android Development, Metalcore, Cooking


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