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About Me I learned ColdFusion the typical way: "here's the software, here's the project, figure it out."  My boss took me to user group meetings (an educational option I would have been unlikely to pursue on my own) and I was totally hooked. My impression as a kid fresh out of college was that the community of developers was of far greater use to me than a library full of books and I wanted to find a way to participate.Fast forward two years and I'm given the opportunity to manage the Philadelphia CFUG which I did for 6 years.  Loved it, got to know a lot of great local folks and hopefully along the way helped them become better developers too.As an Adobe Community Expert I hope to do more: encourage people who are new to ColdFusion, offer feedback to Adobe on what's working (and what is not) and get back to writing technical articles and presentations.
Company CounterMarch Systems
Position Founder
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My Products ColdFusion, Flex
Interests I'm a musician as well as a developer.  Conducting is in many ways similar to what we as developers do with software: start with a set of requirements (a score or simply a few changes if it's jazz), then work up the basics (play it straight) and ultimately make it something unique based on our own perception of what it should be.  It's not at all surprising to me that musicians make for great developers.  It's a field that requires skill at improvisation which you can only really get from a combination of love and practice.So yeah...I love finding the flow, the expression, the complexity in seeking simplicity that both music and software development share.  I have a hard time imagining doing anything else!


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