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Name Guust Nieuwenhuis
Twitter Lagaffe
About Me Guust Nieuwenhuis works as a consultant for Trasys, and is seconded to the European Commission's DG Enterprise and Industry. His tasks include developing web applications used by the different Commission services as well as by the citizens of the European Union. The technologies used for this are ColdFusion, Flex, AIR, Java, Fusebox, XML and Oracle.Guust also started his own company, Orange Lark, which delivers web solutions (sites, applications and consultancy) to various clients such as Adobe, Statik, Jobat, Connect Consulting, United Arab Emirates Academy, Abu Dhabi Marine Operating, CISV Belgium and many more.Within the ColdFusion community Guust is a very active member. He attends conferences (Scotch on the Rocks, onAIR Tour, FlexCamp) and usergroup meetings (Adobe UserGroup Belgium, ColdFusion UserGroup Belgium), speaks at conferences (Technologiedag Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel) and usergroups (ColdFusion UserGroup Belgium, Dutch ColdFusion UserGroup, The Mura Show) and shares his opinions, discoveries, experiences on this blog and Twitter. As a recognition of all this, Guust has been invited by Adobe to join there Adobe Community Professional program in 2011.In his free time, he plays the double bass and percussion both in small ensembles as in symphony orchestra’s and likes meeting friends for a chat, game or drink. When he still has some time left, he mainly spends it behind his computer to fulfil his hunger for the latest trends in IT.
Languages Spoken Dutch, English, French
Company Trasys
Position Analyst Developer
Adobe Expertise I know a lot


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