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Name Jerry Chabolla
Twitter @jerrychabolla
Blog Influxis Labs
About Me Jerry is the Co-Founder and CTO of Influxis, an Adobe interactive solutions partner based in Santa Clarita California specializing in streaming and live interactive services for web based and mobile applications. Being CTO of the company Jerry dedicates himself at Architecting and planing new programs and services that help keep Influxis thriving.Flash Media Server, ActionScript 1 - 3, Flash / Flex, JavaScript.
Languages Spoken English, Spanish
Company Influxis
Position CTO / Co-Founder
Company Site Influxis
My Products ActionScript, Adobe Media Player, AIR, Dreamweaver, Flash, Flash Media Server, Flash Media Live Encoder, Flash Player, Flex, Flex Builder, Illustrator, Master Collection, Open Source, Premiere Pro, RIA - Rich Internet Applications, Web Design
Recent Code DVR functionality with FMS 3.5 using AS 3.0 (Flash and Flex) Video Utility Class 1: Building a Media List for Audio/Video Streaming in Flex Server-Side EventDispatcher and Delegate Classes


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