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Name Maxwell B. Hoffmann
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About Me <div class="content"><h3>Basic Background<br /></h3><p class="null">College degree in Graphic Arts (minor in Journalism) ... started career in Ad Agency and transited to creating marketing and technical documentation for large government agency. Spent 4 years installing digital typesetters and fonts. Moved into turnkey, UNIX based publishing systems with duty (and lots of travel) at TEXET, Interleaf and Frame Technology. At the latter company, served as Manager of Sales Support, Product Marketing Manager for FrameMaker (launched two versions) and Director of Worldwide Sales Training. Have beta-tested every release of FrameMaker since V1.75. Worked in multi-platform publishing environment (PC, MAC and UNIX) with Frame and Interleaf.</p><p class="null">Migrated into Translation / Localization / Globalization where I've spent 12 of the past 14 years. Here, I specialize in multilingual tech doc and marketing pieces. Bulk of work in FrameMaker and XML, but also InDesign, Arbortext, XMetaL and other authoring tools. Have extensive experience in document analysis and providing training and consulting in globalizing content for international audiences.</p><p class="null">Did extensive work in SGML in the late '90s and made transition into XML in 2000. Have helped several customers migrate into FrameMaker, and from unstructured FrameMaker to structured FrameMaker (DITA/XML.) Extensive experience training people on FrameMaker, mainly with "one off" customized courses built around customers' specific workflow. Extensive experience creating Help files with WebWorks, ePublisher and RoboHelp.</p><p class="null">Expert at remodeling (or creating from scratch) document (InDesign or FrameMaker) templates that are optimized for Globalization. (Do this also with PowerPoint and other apps.)</p><h3>Professional spiele<br /></h3><p class="null">Work for innovative translation company from my virtual office near Portland, Oregon: provide document, software and website translation services into over 100 languages including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.</p><p class="null">Seasoned localization/translation and desktop publishing professional with emphasis on multilingual projects, training and consulting. Strong globalization and internationalization content analysis experience. Extensive experience in help and documentation content for life sciences, pharmaceutical, medical instrumentation, software development, computer hardware, teleconferencing, social networking, games developers, aerospace, automotive, electrical engineering, oil and gas, and other industries.</p><div id="profile-specialties"><h3>Specialties</h3><p class="null">* Trained over 1,500 people in "hands-on" sessions with complex software<br /> * Managed offshore resources<br /> * Expertise in major authoring doc/help systems<br /> * Adobe Community Expert in FrameMaker<br /> * Expert in XML, DITA and other publishing standards<br /> * Experienced in Controlled & Simplified English<br /> * ISO-9001:2000 certification experience<br /> * Authored widely-published White Papers & technical case studies</p></div></div>
Languages Spoken English
Company Globalization Partners International
Position Director of Document Globalization Practice
Company Site Globalization Partners International
Adobe Expertise I know a lot
Interests <p>I am fascinated by all forms of communications. "The less words, the more images, the better." Working in multilingual documentation, I continually strive to find new ways to communicate intent and messages more effectively to a global audience.</p>


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