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Name Justin Seeley
About Me Justin Seeley is an experienced software trainer, graphic designer, and entrepreneur with his finger on the pulse of the social web. He is the creator and host of the Photoshop Quicktips Podcast, a show that consistently ranks in the top-25 software how-to podcasts on iTunes, and his techniques have been featured on numerous podcasts, blogs, and internet magazines. Justin has also authored over 30hrs of video content on a variety of desktop publishing and digital imaging topics.Justin currently works for iThemes and WebDesign.com in Oklahoma City, OK. He serves as the lead design instructor for WebDesign.com and also produces several web shows for the iThemes, PluginBuddy, and WebDesign.com brands. When he’s not locked in the studio creating videos Justin enjoys speaking at various conferences and events around the country.
Languages Spoken English
Company WebDesign.com, LLC.
Position Trainer
Interests Basically I’m just an ordinary nerd that enjoys sharing knowledge with other people. I started this whole “career” a few years back just for fun. I started making podcasts in my living room, holding impromptu seminars in the college lab, and it basically spun out of control from there. I love what I do and I love helping people realize their creative potential. Seriously, the most rewarding part about my job is the look on someone’s face when that light bulb finally clicks, and they realize how to do something that they originally thought was out of their reach.


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