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About Me What makes the difference to businesses? Customers and wow to find them and KEEP them is one of John's passions.He is constantly studying sales and marketing since the world has changed significantly since he designed a sales and marketing plan for a DFW computer dealership in 1990. As VP, John and his team, took them from $250K annual to over $5M in less than 2 years with John selling over $2.2M himself. There was a specific process that created that success and he is working on how to mirror that process on the internet for his clients. He loves representing Adobe via Speaking and serving in events to educate and inspire others. He has been in publishing for decades and decades ago spend time doing Video and Effects for clients. He is renewed that interest and building subject matter for the keys to success in that space. John R. Head has been involved in technology for over 30 years and designing / delivering customer centric solutions for over 25 years. John is a thought leader in processing and serves as a consultant and trainer to companies challenging their status quo to improve their business’s processes and bottom line by discovering optimal workflows, integration tools, and data driven solutions around Adobe and Internet Technologies.John has dealt with all levels of corporate structures and management, from small organizations to C-level public corporations. He has designed software solutions for Coleman OutDoor Products, Houston Chronicle, Sears, HEB and many others over the last 10 years, with some solutions still in place today.What can change your business for the better? A better process in acquiring and retaining customers.....
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