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Name Geoff Walker
About Me <p>Living in a small town in New Zealand I make my life through Photography. Photoshop user since 2.0 and involved with Lightroom since the beta.</p><p>Currently undertaking a 2 year photographic documentary project on the culture of sheep shearing with the end points being an exhibition in 2012 followed by a book in 2013. I do the occasional days work in the local photographic shop, but mostly document through photography life in all it's aspects in the region, including school children, families, vineyards, olive groves along with photographing hot-air balloon flights.</p>
Company Self employed
Interests <p>Plenty of interests which all involve people, on the district cabinet for Lions International, write a weekly comment/photo column in the local paper.</p><p>What motivates me is that I am good at what I do, I enjoy learning new things and being at the cutting edge!!</p>


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