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Name Craig Clarke
About Me Craig Clarke is a Technical Author based in London UK and runs Help Solutions Ltd ( a company that specialises in providing clients with 'Online User Assistance and Documentation Solutions'. He was the winner of the help Award for Excellence for the 'Best Help for a website' and is grateful that his work is now so varied thanks to the many quality tools at his disposal providing new and interesting ways to deliver user assistance.Craig's first introduction to Dreamweaver was about 10 years ago when he was asked to create a bespoke help system for a web-based banking application. This challenge changed his whole approach to creating online help - he realised the opportunity to combine the power of Help Authoring Tools (HATs) such as RoboHelp together with Dreamweaver's powerful HTML editor. He often uses this approach to provide clients with their own unique online user assistance solution.You will often find Craig around the RoboHelp forums helping people use the RoboHelp product suite. He also helps moderate a few charitable forums including the Alzheimer's Society's Talking Point forum. In his spare time he likes to scuba dive, juggle and run - not all at the same time :)ArticlesLeveraging the user-defined variables feature in RoboHelp 8
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