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Name Fernando Colaço
Email me@fcolaco.com
Twitter @fcolaco
Website http://fcolaco.com
Blog http://switzerland.gotoandski.com
Portfolio http://fcolaco.com/workshop
About Me Not sure if the creative or the developer side is my predominant one, but so far they’ve been working very well together.Started programming “for fun” at around 12 years old in a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, playing around with the Basic language. After that, it was a quick jump from there to Pascal, C, C++, Delphi, even Assembler, and then zooming to where I am today using mostly AS3 (Flex/Flash) and PHP as my main platforms for application development, both RIA (Rich internet Applications), native Windows/Mac/Linux applications and starting now with Mobile too (iPhone and other platforms).On the way there was also a few “hobbies & experimental projects” that ended up evolving to professionally provided services over these years. The main component was the creative tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash, which I used since its earlier versions but along with that, even video post-production and audio composing. One field that also had a big part in my career was 3D modeling and animation.The best of all this, is that today, all this formerly unrelated technologies merge together with the event of how far the Flash platform arrived (and still moving forward at an amazing pace), and it’s quite common to have video and 3D and interaction with hardware devices as part of a Flash/Flex interactive project.My experience as a freelancer and running my own company for over 10 years across all kinds of projects, was completed after adding 3 years at an international advertising agency and with the recent addition of over 2 years in the financial sector, bringing me experience with both intense creative projects and then precision and accuracy of financial grade applications.Specialties:Flash platform RIA development (Flex), server side integration (PHP, LiveCycle Data Services, SOAP & other services).The basics (HTML/JavaScript/CSS) as well as server implementation and configuration. MySQL/SQL database experience and integration.Strong knowledge of creative tools for design and multimedia: Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Flash, Premiere, etc.3DS MAX animation, modeling, mapping, materials & rigging experience.Currently dedicating a lot of time to mobile projects (iOS and Android) as well as online and mobile games.I also organize the GotoAndSki Switzerland Flash/Flex/Mobile conference http://switzerland.gotoandski.comAnd run my workshops (mostly Flash/Flex) around the world http://fcolaco.com/workshop
Languages Spoken Portuguese, English, French
Company fcolaco.com
Position Freelance Designer & Developer
Company Site fcolaco.com
My Products ActionScript, AIR, Dreamweaver, Flash, Flex, Illustrator, InDesign, LiveCycle DS, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, RIA - Rich Internet Applications, Web Design
Adobe Expertise I know a lot
Interests Apart from geek stuff like programming and gadgets... sailing, airboard, hiking, traveling. I also organize the GotoAndSki Switzerland Flash/Flex/Mobile conference http://switzerland.gotoandski.com And run my workshops (mostly Flash/Flex) around the world http://fcolaco.com/workshop


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