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Name Alison Cattelona
About Me Alison Cattelona has been a computer instructor for since 1993 teaching in over 30 desktop applications. Her experience comes from a solid background in graphic arts including paste-up and mechanicals, design and art direction. She took the solid production experience she gained having worked in a print shop to her art director/designer jobs with in the advertising and marketing industries. The freelance work that followed rounded out her expertise in the many industries, applications and techniques that she uses today in her instruction. Alison, along with Matthew Gilbert, grew Mobile Mac & PC Training to be the highly successful, multi-platform, multi-application training company it is today. Alison is Adobe Certified Instructor was hand-picked to be part of the exclusive Adobe-freelancer program and is a co-rep with Mat of the New Jersey InDesign User Group.
Languages Spoken English
Company Mobile Mac & PC Training
Position owner/trainer
Interests Actually I love understanding an application and being able to convey the capabilities and skills to students so they can focus on the stuff they love to do. My interests are design, mural painting, gardening, cooking, being a mom, running a business


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