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Interests There is something amazing in creating something that makes life just a bit easier or more enjoyable. I love creating things that are consumed by millions of people or end up in the hands of just a few such as world leaders and enable them to see better and deeper into issues that would be unnoticed without some magical flash work as much as flash changed the web it changed how we understand the world and work in it.There is nothing more motivating then getting an email from a student that tells you that you changed there life in some way or that you opened up the door for them to make more money, be more creative, meet new people, empower them to express there creativity or helped them break into the world of development and creative development. Its a big word student as i am a student of my students as well. as i learn from them more then i learn from books or pros. i think the official industry disregards the fact that people with less experience sometimes are smarter, more open and question things that most just take as a fact being connected with the next generation of developers and designers enables us to be more open to ideas and grow with them. there is nothing more motivating then having a young student ask a question that challenges you.


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