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Name Ben Smith
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Blog Don't cry over Spilled-Milk
About Me Ben Smith is a senior ActionScript guru with over eight years of experience, and has worked with some well known and prestigious digital agencies, such as R/GA and AgencyNet. Ben is passionate about higher learning, which he believes comes from experimentation and experience. With over 10,000 hours of experience with Flash, Ben does not consider himself a master of Flash, but a student of what Flash required him to know. He is an Adobe Community Professional & blogs at spilled-milk.com.
Languages Spoken English
My Products ActionScript, AIR, Flash, Flash Media Server, Flash Player, Flex Builder
Adobe Expertise I know a lot
Interests I am highly motivated to know the ins & outs of the language to which I use. I have little desire to back myself into a corner because I chose to utilize a tool which I know little about. Most of all, I love the ActionScript language, and that is why I remain motivated.


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