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Website RootzWiki
About Me Scotty Brown has been involved with Android since receiving his first device (a T-Mobile G1) as a gift from The Best Girlfriend In The World on Valentines Day 2009. Since Scotty is a lousy writer, he took up a passion of his from his late teens, that of broadcasting. By combining his advocacy for all things Android and his talent for the spoken word, Scotty has often been cited as the “Voice of the Android Community”. Scotty combines humor, honesty, and a touch of rabid fanboy-ism to create a unique netcasting experience. Currently Scotty can be found broadcasting RootzLive! every Wednesday at 6PM Pacific at http://www.rootzwiki.comScotty's day job is Director Of Marketing for CruzerLite Wireless, Inc... the best place to get Android related accessories!
Company CruzerLite Wireless, Inc
Position Director Of Marketing
Company Site CruzerLite Wireless, Inc
My Products Acrobat, Adobe Media Player, Audition, Flash, Flash Media Server, Flash Media Live Encoder, Illustrator, Master Collection, Photoshop


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